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About Us

At World-Shoppe, we have always used our business to promote fair trade and sustainable living conditions in our community, our country, and around the world. We encourage our family, friends and customers to get involved because we believe that the smallest voices, joined together, can make the biggest change.


Purchasing an item from World-Shoppe.com not only helps provide income, dignity and hope to people in developing regions, but it also helps sustain the communities by promoting community development, healthcare and childcare, education and literacy training.

World-Shoppe.com is committed to using our knowledge, creativity and purchasing power to directly benefit artists and artisans throughout the world. Fair trade enables people to make their own choices and helps them develop the skills to make those choices.

Today, World-Shoppe proudly works with several artisan cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and locally controlled small businesses in some 16 countries. We are committed to:

  • Providing work and income for the most economically disadvantaged artisans throughout the world;
  • Promoting fair trade;
  • Encouraging the empowerment of women and physically challenged individuals through raising their self-esteem, dignity and self-sufficiency;
  • Creating a non-exploitive, supportive business environment in which women of different religions, ethnicities and ages can gain energy and learn to work together
  • Protecting children's rights;
  • And developing employment opportunities for many artisans, many of whom would not be employable in mainstream business.