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Ethnic Home

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Indian Shesham Wood Octagonal Table
Handmade in New Delhi, India

Price $225.00

The artistry in these tables is breathtaking – intricate patterns carefully carved into rich brown wood. Saharanpur, the “shesham wood village,” is home to some of India’s finest woodcarvers. For years, the specialized skills of carving, inlaying, assembling, sanding and polishing have been passed down within families. Carving requires the most skill and our traditional floral pattern might require six or more chisels and punches. To maintain shesham wood’s natural luster, apply lemon oil or furniture polish from time to time. To remove water stains from shesham wood, apply oil-based Old English liquid. Because of the high oil content, everyday handling will enhance the finish of shesham wood products. Enjoy the table for years to come. The Indian Shesham Wood Octagonal Table is 18” l x 18” w and weighs 240 ounces.

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