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Ethnic Home/In the Kitchen

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Red Lacquer Bamboo Serving Bowl
Handmade in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Price $24.95

Stunning bowl. We have to admit, this is one of our favorites. It looks like two different pieces fused together, but they’re not. The bowl is made from a long strip of bamboo wound around and around a bowl-shaped form. No hardwood forest depletion. A beautiful bowl to hold your knitting needles, candy, or any dry foods. Use a damp cloth to clean. Started by a small group of social workers, Mai Handicrafts originally worked with poor and neglected children who could not go to school due to lack of legal papers and inability to pay tuition. Now that all children are admitted to formal school for free, Mai Handicrafts provides work to their mothers and older sisters to improve family income and well-being. The striking bowl is red inside with natural bamboo color on the outside of the bowl. Each is 12”d x 4” h and weighs 22. 65 ounces.

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