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Leaf Designed Stationery Set with Envelopes
Handmade in Bangladesh, India

Price $19.00

In these days of e-mail, wireless systems and barely there cell phones, it’s always a surprise to get anything written let alone a letter in the mail! Surprise someone today and send them a handwritten letter. Our stationery set lets you be as verbose as you’d like, or as short as “I was thinking of you”. We guarantee you’ll put a smile on their face regardless of the length of the letter. Our stationery set is made in Bangladesh, a tiny nation located next to India which also happens to be the most densely populated country in the world. Handicraft production provides an important source of supplemental income, especially for women. The Leaf Image Stationery Set includes many sheets of paper and envelopes in a lovely keepsake 9” x 6” green box. It weighs 9.85 ounces.

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