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Thank You & Nice To Meet You Stationery Set
Handmade in Bangladesh, India

Price $19.95

We have a friend who sends at least 5 handwritten notes a day. She sends them to people she meets for the first time, friends she’d seen, colleagues she wanted to just say “thank you” to. When we heard 5 a day, we wondered if we could. She said people would remember her because no one said thank you anymore. She was right. We use our cards all the time. You’d be amazed at how people respond to an unexpected thank you. One of the most established projects in Bangladesh is Shuktara Handmade Paper Project, located in Feni. The women employed at Shuktara can produce thousands of full-size sheets of handmade paper per day and have been able to revive a traditional craft in the process. Each set has six 4” x 5” red cards with assorted gold inset designs. Envelopes are natural-colored.

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